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Uncover Games are exciting point'n'click adventure games that you can play online for free on Silvergames.com. Are you a pro at uncovering closely guarded secrets and investigating thoroughly? In these exciting Uncover Games you'll have to uncover secrets, interpret clues and make the right decisions to ensure a happy ending. Just choose your favorite game and let's go!

How about starting with Hansel and Gretel, a cute point'n'click puzzle game about the children's adventures in the forest. Help the two siblings from the most famous fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm. You'll start in their bedroom and have to find ways to get out.

Another fun game is Foreign Creature 2, a bloody point-and-click puzzle game full of horror developed by Belgierin Games. Play an alien sent to Earth to become stronger and create an evil army. Click on the people and objects in the correct order. Warning: Extreme violence! There are other fun games, such as Several Journeys of Reemus, Orchestrated Death and many more. Have fun!

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