Interactive Story Games

What are Interactive Story Games?

Interactive Story Games are cool point'n'click and puzzle games in which you can interact with the characters in the game. There's no use in yelling at the screen, the protagonists won't hear you. Why not give these Interactive Story Games a try? This way characters get to act the way you want them to, and live (or not live) with the consequences. The narratologists here at have pondered all our destinies and present their findings now, in the form of the games in this category.

An interactive story is in many ways a very fancy way of describing a game. It combines the familiar beats and elements of written or visual narrative, you would find in a book or a movie with the interaction-based elements that make up a game. As you direct your character through the interactive story game's environment, you complete tasks which gradually reveal more and more about the past, present and future of the world you're in. Sometimes your decisions will drive the plot. Sometimes you will solve riddles, piece together puzzles and explore the game's environment for every scrap of information you can find.

Get ready to explore the deeper levels of digital entertainment in these interactive story games. Some are mysterious, some are funny. Some will take you on a crazy adventure, others will be subtle and quiet. It's all up to what you make of it in these free games, that require neither downloads nor registration. Have fun with our great compilation of the best Interactive Story Games on!

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