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What are Millionaire Games?

Millionaire Games are fun business, idle-clicker, quiz and management games that all have the same aim: to become a millionaire. Who doesn't want to have a fortune on their bank account? Exactly - no one. Try to manipulate and predict the stock market, answer every question correctly or click as fast and as often as you can in our fun Millionaire Games to soon call you the richest human alive. Do you think you have what it takes to become a successful business person and make a fortune?

Play Millionaire Quiz, a fun online trivia game inspired by Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Who needs a million bucks nowadays? Oh, you? Then start playing Millionaire Quiz! Choose a topic like Music, Technology, Sports, Health or Science, try to answer all questions right and see if you got what it takes to become a millionaire. Or how about Trading Simulator, a fun-addicting forex and stock market simulator that you can play, without having to risk your savings. Enter the world of day trading, where you can become a millionaire in a matter of minutes, or lose your sons college savings along with your nice and humble house.

Another promising one to make tons of money is the fun-addicting clicker managing game Millionaire to Billionaire. Start with a little stand from the bottom and keep earning money to become a rich and powerful person in the exciting world of business. Keep buying upgrades to increase your income. Be careful, once you step foot in this lifestyle, you'll never get enough of it. There are more fun Millionaire Games like Handless Millionaire, I Want To Be A Billionaire and many more. Have fun and get rich!

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