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Show Games are fun animal simulators and exciting quiz shows, in which you will be able to give the viewers an exciting TV experience. In our funny dolphin simulators you will be able to control the cute aquatic animal and make it perform all sorts of fascinating stunts to impress the audience and get the loudest applause. If you are a fan of the gray, beautiful creatures and love to play with them, then this category is just for you.

For example, play with the beautiful gray animals and perform fascinating stunts with your dolphin. Control your dolphin with the arrow keys and jump out of the water to perform tricks that will let you create the best dolphin show in the world and catapult you into the hearts of the spectators. The objective is always the same: earn thunderous applause to raise money for more animals to play with. You can also perform cool shows with horses and show how high you can jump.

But here you can also find exciting quiz shows or fun circus games, where you can prove your knowledge and skills. The main thing in our category of the best TV games is to give your viewers an unforgettable experience. Do you think you can do that? This category of Show Games is diverse and varied, so just browse the collection and choose your favorite game. Have fun playing online free games on!

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