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Muscle Car Games are free driving and racing games featuring high-performance cars with powerful engines. Choose one of the cool classic cars and start drifting to score points. Create your own perfect vehicle in our online muscle car building games on Rush through challenging 3D tracks and take part in drag racing. Enjoy classic American cars and improve your driving skills in the best simulator games.

Play free muscle car games online and become a professional drag racer. Drive along dreadful racetracks and earn enough money to purchase upgrades. Collect all the details scattered on the screen and build amazing cars. Get behind the wheel of your luxurious vehicle and speed on tracks full of challenging curves. Before entering a race you have to choose a car, customize it and train your driver. 

Our online muscle car games for free provide you with smooth graphics and exciting gameplay. You can compete against other players or race against your best friend in the 2 player mode. Try to reach the finish line first and complete all the tasks to earn money. Master every single curve and don't forget to perform cool stunts in the air. Change the view to have better control over the traffic and repair your car whenever you want with just one click.

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