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Ping Pong Games are awesome sports games where you play with a paddle to hit a white ball back and forth across a table. Do you know how to handle a paddle and are you good at winning 1 on 1 duells? Here in this fun category you can play the ridiculous drinking game called beer pong - without getting drunk! Isn't that just perfect? Browse through our fun collection and have fun with the best Ping Pong Games!

Start with Table Tennis World Tour is a super fun sports game. Who doesn’t love table tennis? Become a real pro in this sport with the fun and challenging Table Tennis World Tour. Travel through different parts of the world and win match after match to become the world champion. Just control your bat and try to hit the little ball to your opponent’s side of the table.

Or how about Cup Pong Challenge, a great cartoonish virtual version of a popular game worldwide, where you have to throw ping pong balls into your opponents cups to make them drink. This free online game offers you a good idea to cheer up a party: make everyone else drink until they are drunk enough to not care about losing. There are more fun Ping Pong Games like Beer Pong, Curveball, Table Tennis and many more. Much fun!

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