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Bat and Ball Games are fun baseball, cricket and ping-pong games that you can play online and for free on Do you love sports games and can handle a bat well? Take the bat into your hands, hold it tight and try to shoot the ball as far as possible. In this fun category of the best Bat and Ball Games you will be presented a great collection of sports games.

Start with Home Run Derby, a cool baseball game. In this sports game you get to play as the batter of a professional mlb baseball team. But hitting the ball will not be enough for you. Your goal is to hit home run after home run to set the highest score possible. The further you hit the ball, the higher your score.

Another fun one is Baseball, a super fun sports game. Take some time to indulge the great American tradition of Baseball. Play Bottom of the Ninth, where you just need to get three hitters back to base to win the game. The pitcher will throw a ball, and you have only split seconds to make a decision. There are more Bat and Ball Games like Baseball Pro, Cricket World Cups, Backyard Baseball and many more. Much fun!

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