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What are Table Tennis Games?

Table Tennis Games are awesome ping pong and table tennis sports games for you to enjoy online and for free on Here you are guaranteed to play the best and most realistic online Table Tennis Games. We provide a list of ping pong games with beautiful graphics, easy and precise controls and realistic Table Tennis physics.   

Table Tennis is a ball sport in which 2 or more players hit a ping pong ball across a 2.70 x 1.5 meter table using a small paddle. Professional players are equipped with a laminated wooden racket covered with rubber on two sides, but you can also play this addictive game with a simple wodden paddle. Professional table tennis players distinguish between a number of different grips like the Penhold, Shakehand and Seemiller. These are all ways to hold the racket. In addition to that players can hit the ball in a variety of ways to give it different spins, and to differentiate between offensive and defensive strokes, called loop, hit, chop, block or lob. Table tennis also provided the inspiration for one of the earliest known computer games: Pong.

So get a grip, focus and smash some balls across the table in our selection of the finest and most challenging table tennis games online. You can choose between great games like Table Tennis World Tour, Table Tennis, Ping Pong 3D, Ping Pong Chaos and many more. Just choose your favorite one and have fun!

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