Pong Games

What are Pong Games?

Pong Games are fun table-tennis and beer pong games and you can enjoy them online and for free on Silvergames.com. Are you a sporty kind of person but want to exercise without having to move? Then look no further, in this fun category you can play table tennis and become a champion by just using your mouse. You are more the party person and were looking for some drinking fun? This fun category of the best Pong Games can also provide this, so just browse through our cool collection and have fun.

Start with Table Tennis, a super fun sports game. How about a nice and challenging Table Tennis match? Control the bat with your mouse and hit the table tennis ball right back to your reverent opponent. Do you think you can win against your CPU opponent in every match? Another fun one is Curveball, a 3D ping-pong ball game that challenges your reflexes. Get ready for some cool matches against the computer. Your task is to get the ball into your opponent’s goal. Give the ball a spin effect by moving the paddle during the impact in order to trick your artificially intelligent opponent.

If you are looking for drinking fun, then play Beer Pong, a super funny and irresponsible drinking game that you can now play very safely and soberly online. To play the cult drinking game you must flip the ping-pong ball across the long table into a beer cup. Fail and take a shot of alcohol. How long will it take before you have had enough? You can also play Cup Pong Challenge or Beer Pong 3D. Just choose your favorite Pong Game and have fun!

Most Played Pong Games