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What are Repair Games?

Repair Games are satisfying fixing simulators that provide you with broken items for you to repair. Do you like screwing around with broken cars and making them drive again? Then this category is exactly the right one for you. Use the correct tools to make your car start its engines again and use it to escape scary places in one of our horror shooting games. Or simply tweak the right knobs in your garage without zombies around that scare you. Or are you more into fixing phones? Exchange the battery or camera of a broken iPhone and make it ring again.

How about Car Mechanic Simulator, a realistic free online car fixing simulator? Start controlling the virtual vehicle to complete all kinds of tasks, like using oil, a spray can, a wrench and other tools to repair the fancy car on your garage. Or try Taz Mechanic Simulator, a cool engineering and customizing game about cars. In this cool car customizing game you can build your own car from scratch, tune it and even change its color, buy wheels, bumpers, mirrors, seats and more mechanic stuff like pistons, gearboxes and suspension, to create a whole new car.

You want more pressure? Then challenge yourself with Still Alive, a bloody awesome zombie shooter, in which you have to survive in the dark forest full of zombies, protect your house, use the lull to upgrade your weapons and fix your car to leave this evil place. If you're into point-and-click games, try Garage Apocalypse, a fun time pressure game about escaping death. You are trapped in a garage with nothing more than a broken car and a gun. What are you going to do? Try to fix everything and everybody around you and get rid of every broken items in your virtual world. Have fun playing our best online Repair Games, for free on!

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