Smokoko Games

Smokoko Games are fun little car racing games produced and published by Ukrainian game development company Smokoko. The company was founded in 2010 and initially produced only Flash games. In recent years, focus has been shifted to mobile-first, aiming to create the best exciting racing game experiences.

Here you can find popular games like Car Eats Car, Desktop Racing, Mad Day, Dead Paradise and many more. Simple gameplay, colorful graphics and funny characters will keep you entertained for hours in this category. Use the arrow keys to drive yourself from one level to the next and play all episodes of the popular car racing games.

Smokoko's slogan is "Play like a kid", because the focus is on video games that are not only well-made, but also always funny. All the games in this category are suitable for both young and old, so get started right away. Check out our category of the best Smokoko games and have fun playing, as always online and for free on!

Smokoko Games

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