Gem Games

What are Gem Games?

Gem Games are free puzzle and matching games where players have to search and collect precious stones. Play online and try to find all the hidden jewels. Start mining and build the whole city made of gems. Swap stones of different shapes and colors to eliminate them from the screen. Help magic fairies to create a box of unique gemstones. Have fun in our online gem games on

Hunt treasures and overcome a series of challenging levels to get to the noblest stones. Play free gem games online and dig as many diamonds as possible. Build a strong defence and fight everyone who will try to steal your goods. Drill through different minerals to collect cash for upgrades. Solve puzzles, go on exciting adventures and become the richest one in the virtual world.

Choose one of the online gem games for free and have fun collecting various jewels. Explore the surroundings to reveal hidden treasures. You can also create new shiny stones yourself and trade them for upgrades. Combine gemstones to clear your way through a labyrinth. Dig deep in the ground to find diamonds and golden nuggets. 

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Playable with installed SuperNova Player.


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