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What are Square Games?

Square Games are fun angular challenges that are all about the popular quadrilateral. In geometry, a square is a special polygon, that is, a flat, convex and regular quadrilateral. The special thing about this quadrilateral is that it has four sides of equal length and four right angles. Thus it differs from the rectangle, rhombus, parallelogram, trapezoid and kite quadrilateral. 

To draw a square, you only need to specify a length, such as the side or the diagonal. The square is the basic shape of a cube and a platonic parquetry. It can be defined as a rectangle with two adjacent equal sides, as a rhombus with two adjacent equal angles, as a rhombus with a right angle and many more. 

You can do puzzles in our category of the best square games or master exciting jump'n'run games with the squares. Have you ever seen a jumping square that rolls or bounces around? Here at Silvergames.com we have collected the best games in which the world belongs to the famous square. Just browse through our collection and choose your new favorite game. As always, online and for free. Have fun!

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