Group Games

What are Group Games?

Group Games are fun puzzle games that require you to group elements together in order to pass the levels. Match three diamonds, combine at least three fruits or shoot at marbles to remove groups of elements and earn points. Just like humans, objects are more powerful once there are grouped together, so match as many elements as possible in these fun Group Games.

Here you will find a lot of Match 3 games, in which you have to match at least three elements to remove them from the platform. Whether it's diamonds, candy, balls or fruit - put together what belongs together and you will master one level after another. Often you can click on the elements with your mouse and then drag them to the respective place to make them disappear.

Sometimes you can also shoot the elements from a cannon and need a good marksmanship. Try to shoot the balls into a group of elements of the same color, then all the bubbles that have the same color will disappear into thin air. Can you do it? There are many fun games like Bouncing Balls, Marble Lines, Match Drop and many more, just choose your favorite. Have fun with our great collection of the best grouping games, as always online and free on!

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