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Stoneage Games are puzzle and adventure games, where actions take place in the prehistoric surroundings featuring Neanderthal-like characters. The stone age was a broad historic period during which different kinds of rocks and stones were used to make primitive tools like hammerstones and flakes. Feel the ancient spirit running and jumping through the ancient world and help the cave people to survive.

Don't get fooled by the simplicity of this historic period. In these online stone age games, that you are about to try out you'll find different kinds of addicting gameplay and challenging missions that you have to accomplish. Explore the troglodyte world and help early humans to go through probably the toughest times in human history. Guide the first man on Earth Adam to his beloved Eve overcoming obstacles and applying the stone-crafted tools.

Not only did cavemen have to struggle to provide themselves with food and shelter, but sometimes they also had to escape huge carnivore animals like prehistoric sharks. But there is no way you can help the Neanderthals to survive the shark attack since you get to play the bloodthirsty shark destroying caves and killing troglodytes. Have fun playing cool online stone age games on!

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