King of Thieves

Rating: 3.7

(490 votes)

King of Thieves

King of Thieves is a fun puzzle game and you can play it online and for free on! You are the King of Thieves! Well, not quite. First you have to prove yourself in this simple, yet clever little puzzle and dexterity game. Make your way through a number of increasingly more dangerous levels. Jump to avoid traps, leap from wall to wall to scale heights and avoid running into any of your enemies.

All this in pursuit of precious treasures and gold. It's not that easy to become the King of Thieves. Do you think you can hack it? Do you think you can master the precise timing it takes to make it to the end? Find out right now and have fun playing King of Thieves!

Controls: Mouse


King Of Thieves: MenuKing Of Thieves: Gameplay JumpingKing Of Thieves: Jumping Square EscapeKing Of Thieves: Gameplay Square Dungeon Escape

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