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What are Travel Games?

Travel Games are adventurous puzzle, vehicle simulator and quiz games that circle around the topic of travelling the world. Solve every riddle in Troll Adventures and try to pass each level in order to travel from one place to another or set foot in a super realistic airplane simulator and earn money to purchase the fastest passenger aircraft. Do you think you are travelled enough so you can recognize every country by its flag? Test your knowledge with Flag Quiz Game and become a real specialist in this field.

Take your brain on a trip around the world with our amazing Geo Quiz to make sure you know the location of every single country, capital and city in this world. Make a guess and try to never misjudge further than 30.000 kilometres. You can also have a go at Countries of the World Quiz to make up for all the time you have been sleeping in your geography lessons at school.

Why don't you just hop on a bus and take it for a spin around the USA? Play Field Trip Bus Ride and take photographs of well-known monuments around the country. No matter what game you are after, if you are into travelling and finding out new things about the world, in our category of Travel Games you will make a find. So wait no longer and have fun travelling the earth and enjoying the diversity of our planet online and for free on!

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