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What are Mystery Games?

Mystery games are adventure and point and click games that deal with creepy secrets and some hints of the supernatural. Our top selection of the best fun online mystery games, here at, is sure to give you challenges that will confound and puzzle you. Explore the hidden secrets of the unknown, solve the scary mystery of a murder and play with some addicting brainteasers. Not all our free online mystery games are about horror stories, some are also suitable for kids of all ages.

Our exciting free new mystery games cover puzzle and adventure games. Solving riddle and find out hidden truths (or objects) in our awesome point and click style games. Maybe you will play as a detective solving an unexplained murder? Or maybe you are just some nosy teenager exploring a haunted house in a horror game? Our dun mystery games can quickly turn a little scary, if you don't watch out.

Go out and shine a light on secrets in the dark. Play to unveil the lurid secrets that somebody is hiding from you and face the truth of these stories. Our new crazy mystery games will take you on a wild ride, full of intricate backstory and spooky moments. Don't be scared and let your love for the truth lead the way!

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