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Tetris'D is a tetris style platform game. The objective of Tetris'D is simple. Control a little stick-figure and jump over bricks that fall from the sky. Suvive as long as you can! Move The stickman with the arrow keys and press K to flip & roll. The danger always comes from above so always be aware of those bricks wanting to squeeze you.

The little stickman can move to both sides and jump up, but the platform will move as well so be careful not to fall off it. There are two possibilities of death for you. Either being squeezed of falling down the abyss and dying while free falling. So you better avoid both these scenarios. Have fun with Tetris'D online and for free on Silvergames.com!

Controls: Arrow = move, J = high jump, K = flip & roll


Tetris'D: MenuTetris'D: Gameplay Tetris JumpTetris'D: Gameplay Jumping BlocksTetris'D: Stickman Gameplay Tetris

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