Snake io

Snake io Games are free multiplayer survival games in which players have to control a slither and make it grow longer and longer. Move as a little snake around the screen and eat everything on your way including other players. Compete against players from all over the world or invite your friend. Try to become the biggest snake on the screen. Play the best snake io games online on

You are a snake and you are slithering your way across the screen. In the free snake io games, you have to eat like fruits, orbs and even smaller animals. Collected goods will push up your high score. The more you eat, the more you grow and the longer your worm will become. That's not that big a deal at first, but keep in mind that these slithers are very delicate and fragile. Try not to run into other snakes or objects. Survive as long as possible in our cool online snake io games.

You can choose one of the popular multiplayer games like, or and play against thousands of players around the world. Become the biggest, longest and most dangerous snake of them in one of our free snake io game online. You can also dash to trick your opponents in order to eliminate them or escape from them.

Snake io

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Playable with installed SuperNova Player.


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