Warzone Sniper

Rating: 4.0

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Warzone Sniper

Warzone Sniper is a cool shooting game where you have to accomplish different missions while being a professional sniper. You can play this game online and for free on Silvergames.com. Grab your rifle and detect all enemy forces. The number of victims will be displayed on the screen. Eliminate that precise number of enemies to unlock new levels.

Aim precisely and shoot all of the enemies to successfully complete each mission. Don't get lost on the big city map and zoom in to find all the victims. Have fun playing Warzone Sniper and don't forget - always aim well!

Controls: Mouse = Shoot, RMB = Zoom, P = Pause


Warzone Sniper: Aiming SniperWarzone Sniper: GameplayWarzone Sniper: Killing EnemyWarzone Sniper: Menu

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