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Lonewolf is another very challenging first-person sniper game where you are set out on deadly missions. Get your shooting gear on and learn the basics of sniper craft to begin killing. It's your main goal to fight against criminals and shoot them out. Collect head shots and acquire all achievements in solitude. Do you have the sniper skills to destroy all targets?

Read through your mission carefully so you'll know what to do and don't kill the wrong people. Zoom in with W in order to have a closer look at your victim and shoot with your mouse. Are you ready for this fun adventure? Find out the truth in Lonewolf! Much fun, online and for free on Silvergames.com!

Controls: W / S = Zoom In / Out, Mouse = Aim / Shoot


Lonewolf: Menu Story ShooterLonewolf: Gameplay Weapons UpgradeLonewolf: Gameplay Aiming Sniper MissionLonewolf: Rifle Upgrade Sniper

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