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HOTLINE CITY is a cool top down shooter in which you play as a badass character that just seems to enjoy walking into peoples’ homes and kicking their butts. For some reason, you got mad with a certain group of, not so innocent looking, suit wearing, armed guys, and all you have in mind is killing them one by one.

Drive by six houses packed with armed enemies and punch or shoot the lives out of them. You can cautiously sneak close to them and hit them with your fists or opening doors to knock them out and then punch them dead, or simply shoot them with machine guns or shotguns, what may draw the attention of all other dudes inside. Good luck and have fun with HOTLINE CITY, another free online game on!

Controls: WASD = move, Mouse = aim / shoot / attack, Space = execute, Shift = look further


HOTLINE CITY: MenuHOTLINE CITY: Gameplay Killing SpreeHOTLINE CITY: Gameplay Shooting Killing


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