Beatbox Sausages

Rating: 3.7

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Beatbox Sausages

Beatbox Sausages is a cool and very funny music making clicker game in which you have to buy sausages to fill your fridge and, why not, make some music. Did you know sausages actually start beatboxing inside your fridge when no one's watching? Well, now you know. So Start beatboxing to earn sausage points and recruit more of them.

Frank the furt, Smoky the smoked sausage, Pepper the salami and all their friends are waiting for you to purchase them and put them inside your fridge, where they can enjoy some good music and beatbox like normal sausages. Every button controls a different character. Have fun making your own beats with Beatbox Sausages, another fun free online game on!

Controls: Mouse / Numbers


Beatbox Sausages: MenuBeatbox Sausages: Gameplay ClickerBeatbox Sausages: Sausages Fridge ClickingBeatbox Sausages: Upgrade Sausages Gameplay

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