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Rhythm Games are free music-themed action games where players have to dance or play a musical instrument in order to win. Start counting beats and switch from one melody to another. here you will find fun clapping games for kids and realistic simulators for adults. Train your musical talent with the best online rhythm games on Silvergames.com. Play Japanese anime music or create your own melody sounding like heaven.

Play free rhythm games online and become a real rock star or a singer. Pay attention to the lights and sounds and hit the right keys at the right time, to make it all the way to the end. Let the beats guide you and you're sure to make it to the end of each level. The combination of smooth graphics and pleasant music will provide you with hours of fun. Learn how to use the piano keyboard step-by-step and create beautiful melodies with other players.

So strap on your headphones, turn the volume up high and dive into online rhythm games for free. Choose your character and make it do the funny moves to the beat. Hit all the moving notes on the screen and act fast enough to play every single one to get a perfect score. You can also manage your own record shop and pick out the best music for your clients.

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