Rock Hero Online

Rating: 3.8

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Rock Hero Online

Rock Hero Online is a challenging reaction game presented by In this fun game you have to see all the notes coming and act fast enough to play every single one of them to get a perfect score. Choose a speed and a difficulty level. Start with a slower speed on easy to get used to the dynamic and once you feel confident enough, step up to a more challenging pace and level.

Put your guitar skills to the test and find out if you have what if takes to become a real professional. Use the keys A, S and D to play your awesome guitar solo and be careful: sometimes you have to press those keys at the same time. Too easy for you? Wait and see! Choose your favorite song and have fun with Rock Hero Online, for free on!

Controls: ASD


Rock Hero Online: MenuRock Hero Online: Choosing SongRock Hero Online: Gameplay Playing MusicRock Hero Online: Gameplay Reaction Buttons

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