Bubble Tea Maker

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Bubble Tea Maker

Bubble Tea Maker is a fun drink making game in which you have to complete different types of bubble tea drinks as similar as possible to the ones shown on the screen. Are you a true expert when it comes to tea? Then you should definitely know about this kind of taiwanese drink known as bubble tea, pearl milk tea or simply boba.

In this free online game on Silvergames.com you will have to take a look at the color of the tea you have to create, as well as the little balls on the bottom of the cup. The more similar you make it, the more points you will earn, but try always to achieve more than 75% or you will have to make it again. Have fun playing this free online game Bubble Tea Maker!

Controls: Mouse


Bubble Tea Maker: MenuBubble Tea Maker: Bubble Tea GameplayBubble Tea Maker: Gameplay Bubble TeaBubble Tea Maker: Gameplay Bubble Tea Mixing

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