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What are Drinking Games?

Drinking Games will let you enjoy a little heady buzz, without having to deal with hangovers or a terrifyingly large bar tab. Some days you need a clear head, but luckily there are ways around that. Enjoy mixing some cocktails or indulging in people's favourite legal drug of all: alcohol! Here at Silvergames.com we've put together the wackiest and most fun, free, online games of all for you to enjoy sober!

Drinking games have a long and proud tradition among many alcoholics all over the world. But even teenagers and young adults enjoy turning their alcohol consumption into a funny little game of some sort. Whether it's mixing beer with wine, or coming up with strange new cocktail creations that might not taste great but will definitely get you drunk in no time! These games here take a more humorous approach to drinking alcohol and let you either play as clever bartenders mixing and matching drinks, or as satirical deadbeats who are too drunk to function in society.

So make sure you're past your local age limit to drink alcohol (or at least to play games that feature alcohol) and serve some excellent cocktails for customers to enjoy. There is no such thing as too much alcohol, only too small glasses. Enjoy these entertaining, addictive drinking games and have fun! Choose between fun games like Bartender, Drunken Duel, Peer Pong, Dead Drunk and many more. And always remember: drink responsibly. Much fun!

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