Britney Torture Chamber

Rating: 2.6

(401 votes)

Britney Torture Chamber

Do you really need a description for this game? It's what we have all waited for since 1998! Torture the brainless pop singer in this crazy but lovely game, Britney Torture Chamber. There are many different ways to make her suffer, just choose one and see what happens! Then do it again, and then... Baby one more time!

Make blond Britney drink up until she drowns in alcohol or decontaminate her private parts. No mercy for stupidity in this game so get right to it. She said it herself: hit me baby, so do as she says! Have fun with this macabre torture game Britney Torture Chamber online and for free on!

Controls: Mouse


Britney Torture Chamber: Decontamination BritneyBritney Torture Chamber: GameplayBritney Torture Chamber: MenuBritney Torture Chamber: Torture Game

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