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Bartender is a fun and challenging bartender cocktail mixing game to create the perfect drinks and learn how they are done. Be a real Bartender with this fun bar simulating puzzle game and try to make the perfect drinks. Pour a good amount of the right ingredients, add some fruit slices, a little bit of ice, shake it all, serve, and see how good your cocktail is! Think you can manage to be a real bartender? Let's find out!

You can pick between vodka, whisky, triple sec, champagne or whatever you find over there at the bar to combine with different sorts of juice, soda, ice and lemon. Help the bartender, prepare the perfect cocktails selecting every ingredient and watch how he reacts after tasting them. Enjoy the Bartender online and for free on!

Controls: Mouse


Bartender: MenuBartender: Bartender GameplayBartender: Gameplay Shaking DrinkBartender: Gameplay Serving Drinks

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