Dino Hunt

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Dino Hunt

Dino Hunt is a fascinating first person dinosaur hunting game to play online and for free on Silvergames.com. Imagine you are trapped in a land full of these dangerous prehistoric beasts and all you have is a powerful hunting rifle. Are your hunting skills advanced enough to survive such a nightmare? Go level after level killing each and every one of those hunters before they get to you. Try not to miss or you will make them go after you.

This game requires players with nerves made out of steels. Facing those powerful predators will put the fear of God into you. It is essential to aim precisely so the don't notice you before they have the chance to run towards you and rip you into many pieces. Have fun with this free online game Dino Hunt!

Controls: Mouse = aim / shoot


Dino Hunt: GameplayDino Hunt: HuntingDino Hunt: ScreenshotDino Hunt: Shooting

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