Idiots Win

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Idiots Win

Idiots Win is an interesting game about the algorithm of Google and you can play it online and for free on Are Google search games… Fun? Hilarious? Educating? What would be the most googled option? In Idiots Win, the Funny Google Search Result Browser Game, you are given questions or phrases people all over the world constantly look up on the internet, and your task is to guess the most typed out of 5 different options.

Ever since google and the internet exists, people can access information a lot easier and faster and that is also why the internet is full of questions. On one hand humans are eager to learn new things every day and google makes this a lot easier for everyone around the globe. But on the other hand people also ask... weird questions sometimes. Goal of this game is to find out which are the wierdest questions asked all over the world! Earn points for every correct answer and find out how much of an idiot you are. Enjoy Idiots Win, and learn something about people’s interests!

Controls: Mouse


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