Meat Stacker Game

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Meat Stacker Game

Meat Stacker is a super fun stapling time management game that you can enjoy online and for free on Release one meat block after another and stack them up safely on top of each other. You've got 30 seconds to build your tower as high as you can. Try to always drop the meat block exactly above the one before, so you get a perfect score and are able to move on to the next one.

Whenever you don't manage to staple one meat block on top of the other, it will fall down and you will lose one life. You start with only three lives, so be careful not to lose them all right in the beginning. You have 30 seconds to spoil three lives, is that even possible? How high is your meat tower going to be? Find out now and have fun with the Meat Stacker game!

Controls: Mouse


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