Mahjong 3D

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Mahjong 3D

Time to train your brain with this really challenging but enjoyable 3D Mahjong Dimensions Online puzzle game. In Mahjong 3D you are given a huge structure of blocks, and each block has a symbol. Your objective is to remove the blocks by connecting pairs of the same symbol. You cannot remove blocks that are horizontally between 2 other blocks. Rotate the structure to take a good look at all the different symbols and try putting them together as fast as you can to finish before your time runs out.

Every time you successfully remove a block, a new one with another form will appear and you can start all over again and try to achieve the best time possible. Concentrate and search for identical tiles to match. Try not to click on tiles that are blocked from the side or you will waste precious time on your way to vitory. Are you ready for this tricky adventure? Find out and have fun with Mahjong 3D online and for free on!

Controls: Mouse


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