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What are Crane Games?

What has a claw, is impossibly big and makes loud scary noises when it moves? It's not a child's nightmare creature, but an impressive machine that has an entire category here on devoted to it: Crane Games. Control one of those magnificent contraptions to lift some big unweildy object into the air and move it to where you want it to be.

Cranes are invaluable tools when it comes to constructing bridges or multi-story buildings. Thanks to some fairly basic principle of physics it es possible to move large, heavy objects not only horizontally, but vertically as well. Once a crane's claw has a good grip on a large slab of cement, or a huge metal pipe, it can be placed high up on a construction site. You can also get big objects like pianos, heavy cupboards or beds into a flat or apartment, that doesn't have enough room for them in the stairwell.

Thanks to these fun and entertaining crane games you will be able to build houses or demolish houses. Or maybe even use a crane to carefuly arrange heavy objects on top of each other. As always, these games are free and can be played without downloads or registration. Have fun!

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