Parrot Simulator

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Parrot Simulator

Parrot Simulator is a cool animal simulation game in which you play as nothing less than a parrot, flying around and searching for food in the wild. Parrots are just amazing, not only because they can actually simulate noises they hear, but also because of the way they walk. Have you ever seen them walk? What’s up with that, right? Just hilarious!

In this free online game you will get the unique chance of controlling one of these gorgeous, colorful birds to go look for food, find other parrots to form a family and fight off natural enemies, like wolves or other birds. Have fun playing this free online game Parrot Simulator on!

Controls: WASD = move, Space = fly, Q / E = fly up or down, Mouse = attack


Parrot Simulator: Gameplay Parrot FlyingParrot Simulator: Gameplay Parrot Green FieldParrot Simulator: Upgrade Parrot SkillsParrot Simulator: Gameplay Parrot Food Field

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