Pocket Racing

Rating: 3.5

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Pocket Racing

Pocket Racing is a fun motorbike stunt game with doodle graphics and lots of levels packed with obstacles. Your goal in this vertical bike racing game is to reach the finish line of each and every level performing the most amazing stunts and, of course, saving your precious life as you speed and balance your dirt bike.

Ramps, huge wrecking balls with spikes and free falls are just some of the dangers involving this fun addicting free online game. But don’t worry, in Silvergames.com you won’t put your real life in risk. Control the little stickman rider to clear every stage and unlock new vehicles, like a quad or even a wheelchair. Have fun playing Pocket Racing!

Controls: Arrows = drive / balance


Pocket Racing: MenuPocket Racing: Gameplay MotobikePocket Racing: Gameplay Motorbike StuntPocket Racing: Gameplay Stuns

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