Trollface Quest

Rating: 4.1

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Trollface Quest

Trollface Quest is a free internet meme game with crazy humour and weird solutions. Built around the mischievous grin of the trollface, you will have to make your way through 20 challenging and brain-teasing puzzles. Every Trollface Quest level starts off as a simple one-screen puzzle with an obvious solution. It's so obvious, so blindingly obvious what you're supposed to do, you may wonder why the game even deserves to be called a puzzle.

You are going to have to think ahead, outsmart the designer and do something slightly crazy to solve the puzzle and make it to the end of each level. You will have to come up with some pretty unusual solutions in order to finish the Trollface Quest game. Are your ideas wild and unpredictable enough to solve every puzzle?

Even though it may not seem that way at first, every level and every riddle in this online game can be solved. There is a solution for every challenge here, it's just not always the one that immediately comes to mind. Especially when you have years of gaming experience to draw on. Don't take anything for granted, and you're already halfway to finishing the video game. Think outside the box, or forget the box altogether. Beat all 20 levels of this hilarious online game and become the new Trollface Quest champion.

Controls: Mouse


Trollface Quest: MenuTrollface Quest: Gameplay Point And ClickTrollface Quest: Gameplay Riddle QuestTrollface Quest: Gameplay Riddle Point And Click

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