Samurai Fight Game

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Samurai Fight Game

Samurai Fight is a cool online Samurai Sword Fighting Game that you can play online and for free on Go on a journey in ancient Japan and try to survive the attacks of endless enemies who have no other goal in mind than to take you head and leave your body on the ground. You find yourself in a beautiful japanese samurai town, surrounded by cherry blossom trees.

Would be a beautiful atmosphere, if there wasn't all that blood spilled on the floor, dripping and splashing out of your enemies bodies. Control the skillful samurai using his legendary sword to get rid of all attackers. Perform combos and watch them all get sliced in half trying to take you down. Follow the way of the warrior and face all danger without looking back. Use levers to open your way to new levels and pass checkpoints. Will you survive this fight? Good luck with Samurai Fight!

Controls: WASD = move, Mouse = attack, Space = jump, E = use object


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