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What are Katana Games?

Katana Games are fun samurai and ninja fighting, killing and reaction games that all feature the powerful and dangerous japanese sword. You can play this selection of games online and for free on Silvergames.com. Are you a skilled fighter and can handle a sword? No matter if you want to fight enemies, kill monsters or cut vegetables with the katana, this category is definitely the right one for you if you are into swords. Browse through our fun collection and choose your favorite Katana Game.

Start with Katana Fruits, a fast-paced reaction game inspired by Fruit Ninja. Your mission? Cut as many fruits as possible and avoid touching the bombs. There will be all kinds of fruits coming your way, like oranges, melons, pineapples, coconuts and many many more. Or how about Samurai Fighters, a great online 2 Player Samurai fighting game. Select a samurai and start facing your opponents in epic one on one fights to the death. What makes this game special is, you fight using only your mouse.

Another fun one is Straw Hat Samurai, a very gory action samurai game. It is a time of war, the lands are torn between conquering warlords. The Aka-Ryu army from the north is attempting to expand southwards and you have to defend your forts that have come under seige! There are plenty of other Katana Games like Load Up And Kill, Samurai Fighting Game, Zazuki and many more. Have fun!

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