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Killer Games are exciting shooting and other killing games in which you can give free rein to your lust for murder. Whether you're a samurai fighter, a contract killer, a sniper, or armed with a chainsaw, the goal in these fun killer games is always to finish off your opponent. Don't listen to the media, because no killer game has ever killed a human or an animal! Here at you will find the best free killer games ever.

Even formerly indexed games like DOOM & Quake you can play online without paying a single cent, because all our killer games are of course free! Do you want to kill the king, fulfill murderous missions as a sniper or just slaughter stick figures? Then you've come to the right place with our collection of killer games. Whether Counter-Strike or Battlefield, every "hobby killer" will find their game here!

Here you can run amok online, destroy everything that blocks your way with a chainsaw or spread fear and terror as a killer clown. Sharpen your knife, reload your gun and swing your baseball bat, because the time to show mercy is long gone. Make short work of it and master one level after another, killing your opponents as skillfully as possible. Have fun!

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