Duck Hunting Games

What are Duck Hunting Games?

Duck Hunting Games are fun shooting games that you can enjoy on There's something fowl in the air tonight, it's time to shoot it down! To help you do that, we collected the best and most challenging Duck Hunting Games the world has to offer. Free to use, and requiring neither downloads nor registration to play. Finally, you can pick those quacking nuisances off as they try to fly away.

If you know your videogame history, there's a good chance you remember the light gun game for the NES called Duck Hunt. In which a number of ducks would fly across the screen and you had to shoot them down using your gun. If you do, you will also remember the hunting dog that was supposed to help you collect the hit birds, but who would invariably laugh at you, if you missed them all. With these arcade-style duck hunting games you get to revisit old battles at the lake and near the forest. Shoot down those ducks as they try to escape and get yourself a new high score and the title of meanest and leanest duck hunter alive!

Startle your targets and let them fly across the sky as you pick them down one by one with your trusted gun. These Duck Hunting Games will help you train your aim and maybe get you some roasted duck on the table. Virtually, at least. Try our best Duck Hunting Games like Duck Hunt, Damn Birds, Bird Blast and many more. Much fun!

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