Bad Games

What are Bad Games?

Bad Games are funny challenges that just aren't good. Life is too short to play average games. If you want a real shock to your system, you should try out these Bad Games, collected by the tone-deaf masters here at According to some people, good or bad is only a matter of perspective. One man's trash is another man's treasure. But make no mistake, you will be doing a lot of bad, bad things to get to the end of a level here.

Whether it's blowing things up, pushing monsters onto nasty spikes and into their death or just stealing fruit from bumbling monsters. Nothing you do here is entirely well-intentioned and good-hearted. Like rampaging through a city, destroying property and eating people as a huge, monstrous ape. These bad games will let you indulge your darker and less friendly side.

So take some time off from being nice, and play some bad games. Let it all hang out and enjoy the villainous, cantankerous and overall unpleasant meanness that being bad can bring. All of it for free, without downloads or registration, as always on Much fun! 

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