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What are Celebrity Games?

Celebrity games are dress up, deathmatch and guessing games featuring an all star cast of characters. Here at Silvergames.com you will find a top collection of the best online celebrity games for free. Rub shoulders with the stars in our fun celebrity parody games that feature well-known celebrities like Justin Bieber, Lionel Messi or John Travolta. Play football matches against international sports stars or punch some sense into infamous politicians like Kim Jong-Un or Donald Trump. Our games are a simple yet addicting way to have fun at the expense of overexposed entertainers.

Try the fun game Whack The Trump. Aren't you tired of listening to that old racist douchebag? There's only one thing to do. Find all different ways to shut his mouth in this fun game. Browse the screen with your mouse and find every clickable object on it. Trigger it by clicking on it and see this sunburned macho suffer what he deserves. Or how about Puch The Trump! In this epic celeb boxing game you can do it! Raise your fists and punch the living daylight out of the Donald. It's your chance to give this annoying person a taste of your rage totally legal.

If you prefer lighter and friendly tones, there are all also star dress up games for you to play. If you have a harsher sense of humor, try our deathmatch games featuring well-known celebrities of our times. Punch, kick and attack them with all kinds of tools, utensils or weapons, Just for the fun of it. Our selection of celebrity games offers funny action levels, as well as addicting guessing challenges. Match entertainment celebrities and meme culture for the greatest trolling celebrity games of all time.

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