Parody Games

Some things are so utterly stupid and inane, that the only way to deal with them is through relentless and merciless mockery. That's why we here at have put together the funniest and most hilarious Parody Games that can be found, for you to play online and for free.

Parodies are ways in which a celebrity or cultural event is made fun of, usally through gross juxtaposition with something silly or the use of disproportionate amounts of cartoon violence. Parody games are all about being silly, a little outrageous and most of all funny. Whereas satire tries to make a point by using humour cleverly, parody is all about making people laugh by going over the top and pushing the envelope.

So if you're into jokes that go a little too far, or just enjoy weirder or darker punchlines then these parody games are exactly what you are looking for. Brighten up a gloomy day, through some well-laid punches, shots or pop-culture silliness.

Here you will find more celebrity games, funny games and bloody games.

Parody Games

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