Crime Games

What are Crime Games?

Crime Games are shooting and strategy games that are about the act of breaking the law and escaping police custody. A criminal is someone who commits a serious violation of the legal order of a society or the basic rules of human coexistence. Generally speaking, a crime is a criminal act considered wrong by the community and classified as criminal. Particularly serious crimes are also referred to as capital crimes.

In our free online crime games, here at, you get to commit felonies, grand larceny and even outright murder, for the sheer joy of it. Play to win and let the investigation scramble to solve the mystery you left at the crime scene. Take your stickman on a real crime spree and stay hidden when the police comes chasing after you. Become a true crime boss in the city's hidden underworld in our addicting fun online crime games.

Our top selection of the best new crime games will give you an excuse to indulge your vices in a safe, harmless and ultimately consequence-free environment. So get ready to commit numerous felonies in the pursuit of money and power. Get into violent shootouts with your stickmen rivals and light up the city. Get rich or die trying, by playing our law-breaking action games for free. Stay hidden long enough so that the investigators won't catch the real culprit, when they solve the case. Have fun!

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