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What are Creepy Games?

Creepy Games are defined by having a scary, unsettling or unnerving atmosphere. Prepare to feel horror, terror and goosebumps when you play our top selection of the best free online creepy games, here at Playing these cool video games is sure to make your palms sweat and your heart race. Maybe you want to start off slow, with a creepy game for kids that has cruel clowns or a scary granny?

Pick your favorites from our fun lineup of the most unnerving and tension-filled free new games out there. We enjoy scary things because we like the adrenaline rush that comes with them. Explore abandoned and haunted houses filled with jump scares, or simply fight ghoulish monsters that will make your skin crawl. Enjoy a tingling of fear as you sneak through the darkness and hope to escape the dead and forgotten reaching out to drag you into oblivion. Making it to the end of a cool creepy video game is something for kids to brag about to their friends.

Can you stand the horror of fighting spooky evil spirits or vicious mad ghosts? See how far you can push yourself in these addicting, creepy games, before you need to step outside to collect your nerves again. Enjoy playing the most creepy games online on!

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