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What are Scary Games?

Scary Games are escape and horror games that frighten and surprise players. A good scary online game will instill a sense of fear and the occasional fright in you, which is why they're often not for kids. Thanks to our creepy games you get to be afraid from the safety of your own home. Enter a dark world of terrifying, haunted mazes and creatures straight out of your darkest nightmares. Find yourself surrounded by spooky ghosts and monstrous clowns as you try to escape. Dodge the creepy grasp of zombies and make it out alive in our free new multiplayer games, if you can. Playing our best scary games can be a lot of fun, even if Halloween is still a few days away. Not all our games here are for kids. Some will definitely give you nightmares.

Spooky games have long been a popular genre in gaming. Horror games are both fascinating and revolting. They evoke very strong emotions in players. Playing a top scary game is tense and stressful. But the cathartic resolution at the end makes it fun. Feeling helpless and alone reminds us of the the fears we have had as a kid. Back when it was getting dark outside and you were sure that there was a monster hiding under your bed. Or even a vicious evil clown wanting to eat you alive. Luckily these are all just harmless online multiplayer games, that let you go on a Halloween adventure, sure to terrify and horrify you as you play. Free multiplayer horror games are fun, even if they are very scary. But once you get the hang of it, you will learn to chase monsters, ghosts and zombies back into the dark.

Most scary games are made for single-player use, so that can immerse yourself in their scary atmosphere or even get lost in the open-world level design. Many horror games played are flash games allowing for a quick scare in the evening before you go back to hide under your bed. Tomorrow you can tell all your friends about that scary story. Assuming you will get to see tomorrow. Equipped with little more than a flashlight our addicting adventure games will send you through a spooky maze of survival. Playing our online multiplayer games will make you feel like a kid again. In that you will spend most of your time running away from ghosts, grotesque clowns and monsters of all kinds. You will be able to find action games here, like zombie themed first-person shooters filled with guns, guts and brains. But there are also point-and-click games that will have you stuck in a dark room trying to escape. Our games are spooky and creepy, but they are also a lot of fun. Hide from the monsters out to get you, and escape that ghost town overrun by zombies when darkness falls.

If you're sure you won't be haunted by nightmares of horror creatures like sadistic clowns coming for you in the dark, you should definitely give our scary yet fun games a try. While the stories of kids disappearing while they play our games are probably just urban legends, there are great scares and lots of fun to be had with our games. So don't be intimidated by some darker graphics or a little bit of gore, it's all just done for a laugh. Or at least for a few tense moments, a surprised shriek and an exhausted grunt when the game slowly winds down. Are you up for the challenge of wading through games of fear and gothic excess? Put on your big boy pants or big girl shoes and face the challenges that the underworld has in store for you.

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