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What are Dancing Games?

Dancing Games are music and rhythm video games for girls and boys. Our top selection of the best free dancing games here at Silvergames.com is like a being schooled in the basics of party music. Play our exciting new games to learn the greatest break dance moves and hip hop grooves you will find online. Time your dance moves to the beat of the music and watch your score climb. Compete against the computer's dancing and try to beat it at its own game. Our addicting music-based dance games for kids are easy to get into and fun to master.

Start with the ultimate Dance Simulator, a cool dancing game that lets you dance to different genres of music performing in lots of dance styles. From capoeira based dances and breakdance to the funny chicken dance, you can select a wide range of popular dance moves to every song you hear. Or how about you join the most ridiculous funny Beefcake Dance Party ever. Pick one of the four beefy douchebags and help the muscleman to move his hips to the beats. Don't hit the wrong keys to often, otherwise your dancer will look like a caveman and get arrested.

Most video games use party music and hip hop rhythms as background noise to the game itself. Our fantastic new dancing games put them center stage, so you can be challenged in fun and inventive ways. Go through music school by playing our addicting online break dance games for kids. Find out how difficult it can be to pull off impressive dancing moves. In our top selection of the best free dancing games for girls and boys, you will be tapping your feet and swinging your head in no time. Much fun!

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