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What are Disco Games?

Disco Games are fun reaction and dancing games in which everything revolves around the perfect groove and the coolest dance moves. The word disco is an abbreviation for discotheque and describes a nightclub where dance events take place, especially on weekends. A disc jockey (DJ) stands at the turntables and plays music, which should ensure that the audience dances to it until the wee hours of the morning and in the best case gets to know each other.

Disco also stands for a music genre in pop music in which lyrics, melody and vocals take a back seat and the whole focus is on danceability, groove and a beat of about 100 to 120 beats per minute (bpm). The peak and origin of disco music is in the mid-1970s, where it finds one of its disco queens in Donna Summer. Typical instruments of disco music are the rhythmic guitar, bass guitar, piano and keyboard. They are often joined by strings, harp, wind instruments and drums.

In our fun collection of the best disco games, the discotheque unites with disco music and ensures that you will have hours of fun on the dance floor. Feel the groove and perform the coolest dance moves! In the virtual world, you'll get past every bouncer and gain access to exclusive nightclubs with the best beats. Have fun grooving in our awesome Disco Games on Silvergames.com! 

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